4 Tips for Moving House with Pets

Oct 17, 2022
4 Tips for Moving House with Pets

Are you moving house and have pets that will be coming along for the ride? It’s important to prepare and make arrangements for them before, during and after a move so that they’re safe, comfortable and happy without undue stress or anxiety. Removalists in Melbourne recommend doing several things to make the process easier on them, such as packing their essential belongings, making sure they’re secure and collared, and helping them acclimate to their new surroundings. This blog post takes a closer look at the biggest and most useful tips for moving house with pets.

Pack Their Essential Belongings

It’s important to make sure you’re prepared and equipped to deal with your pets well in advance of moving day. Make sure that all their essential belongings have been packed in one or two boxes so that they’re easily accessible. This includes their favourite toys and treats along with leashes, water bowls, pet food and blankets. This will help you and your pet get through the day and be more settled.

Keep Them Secure or Looked After

If you have a cat, get them used to a cat carrier several days before the move so that they aren’t as frantic and stressed about being in an unfamiliar confined space. For dogs, you can either install a pet gate in a doorframe to keep them secure or send them to a pet day care where they can be supervised and monitored. You may also consider sending them to a friend you can count on to look after them for the day.

Ensure Pets are Properly Collared

Not everything necessarily goes to plan, and accidents or mistakes can happen during the chaos of a move. If your pet escapes and gets lost due to being in an unfamiliar environment, it’s important that they have a collar containing your current contact details. This makes it easier for other people who spot your pet to get in touch with you and inform you of their whereabouts.

Help Them Acclimate to New Surroundings

Making your pets feel comfortable and happy in a new house requires a lot of effort and patience. It can help to take them on a tour of their new surroundings, allowing them to become more familiar with common smells and different rooms. It’s also recommended to involve them in daily walks, give them plenty of attention and exercise, and ensure they have a fixed place for food and water. In addition, it’s important to find a new local vet and pet emergency hospital that can assist you in the case of an unexpected emergency.

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