Things To Keep In Mind While Moving Your Piano

Dec 17, 2020
Things To Keep In Mind While Moving Your Piano

Whether you have purchased a new piano or you have an antique piano that needs to be moved to your new house then you should let the experts do the job. All you need to do is to hire experienced Piano Removals who can carefully complete the task without damaging your instrument.

One of the main reason to hire professionals for the task is its complexity. It requires coordination and prior planning to carry out the job with safety. While looking for Piano Removalists in Melbourne there are few questions that you should ask. Let’s see what you should do while hiring the movers.

Check the accessibility:

It’s important to know how accessible the instrument is on both sites, pickup and delivery. You should explain a few details to the consultant beforehand. You should tell them whether the piano is on the ground floor or there are any steps involved in both collection and delivery sites. Is there any balcony that the professionals can use, whether there is an availability of the lift in the building, whether the outdoor ground level is paved or not, etc. When it comes to Piano Removals in Melbourne, professionals can use this information to provide you the accurate quotation for the job.

Types of piano:

You also need to tell them what type of piano you have in your possession that needs to be moving. Here are some of the most common types of pianos: upright piano, Pianola, baby grand piano, grand piano, and concert grand piano. Each of this piano is designed differently and also differs in size and weight.

The size of the piano also affect the quotation. When you hire professionals for Piano Removals in Richmond, they use most suitable technique and equipment to move the piano, which is depending on its type. It may involve flipping a piano, using ramps, lifting the instrument using specially designed straps, using lift or crane, etc. Some of the companies also have specially designed trolleys to move the piano, they also use pads to protect it during the move. You should check all these things with the company to determine whether the company is perfect for moving your piano safely.

Whether you are looking for Piano Removals in Toorak or Camberwell, Removals In Melbourne can cater to your requirements with perfection and also within your budget. Our team of expert movers will carefully move your piano to the new location.

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