Tips for Choosing the Right Packing Boxes

Jun 27, 2022
Tips for Choosing the Right Packing Boxes

You might think that any cardboard box will be suitable to pack your belongings for a move, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Different items necessitate different boxes, and it’s important to choose the right one or else the risk of damage will be much higher. Choosing the right packing boxes involves taking the shape, size and weight of your items into account as well as considering the carrying and moving distance involved. The presence or absence of help during the move will also determine the right boxes to use. This blog post contains some tips for choosing the right packing boxes, whether or not you intend to hire professional removalists in Melbourne.

Take the Shape, Size & Weight of Your Items into Account

It might seem like an obvious thing to say, but not every box is suitable for every item. The shape, size and weight of your items will determine the right box to use. Thin boxes, for example, are at risk of falling apart when being carried, loaded and unloaded, which could damage to or even destroy your items. Packing large boxes with heavy items is a recipe for disaster, as they’ll be far more difficult to move. The best thing to do is pack heavy belongings into small boxes, pack medium boxes in a way that keeps weight and distribution in mind, and pack large boxes with lightweight items.

Consider the Carrying & Moving Distance Involved

Are you moving a short or long distance? How close to the access points are you parking your car or van? The answers to these questions will help you choose the right packing boxes for the job. If you aren’t travelling far, you might not need many boxes except for packing small breakable items like glasses and crockery. Larger distances, on the other hand, demand more boxes and materials to ensure items are safe and secure during transit. Proximity to access point such as front doors and garages will also influence the boxes you’ll use in terms of how much lifting and carrying is required.

Think About Whether or Not You’ll be Getting Any Help

Are you moving on your own or will you have help from friends, family members or even professional removalists in Melbourne? The help (or lack thereof) you get will have an important effect on the size of the boxes you need to pack. For example, you can pack larger and heavier boxes if two or more people will be around to carry them. Otherwise, you’ll want to pack a larger number of smaller boxes that are easier to lift individually if you’re doing the job alone. When using a moving truck or container, be sure to keep box sizes consistent so that you can easily load everything inside and make the most of the available space without having to keep shuffling everything around.

Make Sure You Use the Right Packing Materials

Boxes aren’t the only thing you’ll need for packing your possessions. You’ll also want to have a range of materials on hand with which to fill empty space in the boxes. These materials cushion and protect what’s inside, reducing damaging vibrations and movements that can occur during handling and transportation. Useful materials include foam wrap sheets that can be placed between fragile items such as artwork and picture frames to stop them from rattling. Bubble wrap is also highly useful for delicate belongings, creating a thick layer of padding that puts your mind at ease. Other materials worth using include newspaper, cardboard tubes and moving blankets.

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